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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fate and A change of heart.

For any of those interested...
I was going to make today's blog an announcement blog about a new blog about life I'm starting. I have been having anxiety attacks and need a form to vent. I actually do a lot of writing but never post anything. I was inspired by a few bloggers I follow to go ahead and start one.

My first "series" was going to be a story but I wanted it to be on a private blog that family couldn't find me on.
I was suppose to start that today, while I still plan to do this something happened..I was online and someone posted a challenge on my Facebook to talk about myself at whatever age the person who tagged me chose and here is what I got

My Age:16
What I wanted to be: Make-up artist/Hair stylist.
What I thought was cool: HGTV lol couldnt stop watching it
Bestfriend: Ana...No idea what happened to her lol

Well...This post caused an old friend of mine to message me asking what happened with my best friend seeing as how we had been friends for over 15 years..

Fate stepped in and made me write this post instead of starting my new blog. 

All last night I was thinking about my life and fate and coincidences. I got out of bed (hubby didnt miss me much, we had a minor argument
)  went downstairs and started writing about what I wanted to share with you all. I went to bed still dazed and confused (pardon the pun haha!) about fate.  

back to my old friends message... In hs I had the same bf for 3 years (big mistake) 
this guys best friend happened to be dating MY best friend...cute right? yeah. no. i know. 
my bf had a temper, and anger issues. Never with me though he just hated himself. My best friend was the exact same way. So today my ex's best friend asked me why I had a falling out with my bff (his X, are you understanding?) turns out him and my ex had the same type of falling out not so long after graduation. Aint that some shit? The city I live in, isnt too small, but its not huge but its small enough to run into people all the time. I have not ONCE ran into my EX turns out that his ex best friend has NEVER ran into my ex bff, yet me and him have managed to stay in touch after all this time. We both couldnt get over the fact that all this happened. They had been friends for over 15 years as well.

 It was nice catching up with him but it was sad to know that my EX and my ex BFF didnt get the psychological help they needed.
Its funny how life works. 

I will link the new blog when i have one....Till then ill be posting mini stories here...along with the usual mix of makeup and scrap booking:)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Todays post is beauty related because I can not seem to get inspired to make cards. I received my new stamps from the stamps of life a few days ago and I sat down, messed up 5 cards and gave up. My dad was sitting across from me and he just goes "wow you're way off today" and walked away LOL I was like wow...thanks?

So I then went online to look at other blogs and came across once specific post though caught my attention and its this one. Also, FYI the pics in my post I coppied from her post. 

The 2011 China Glaze Halloween collection.
I'm actually super disappointed with it:{

Maybe I'm being extra picky but I feel like there are already dupes of this out there and again maybe I'm being picky but it seems the only thing Halloween related is the names of the colors. What I was kind of expecting would be like and orange glittery crackle or Maybe a blood red glittery polish. Maybe in person I'll change my mind.

Same goes for their Christmas collection..Some of these look like the ones from last years. Although I will say I do want to buy the "Velvet Bow"  and "Champagne Bubbles" (looks like one from last years that I wasn't able to buy) Oh and doesn't "Tinsel Town" look like"Haunting" from the Halloween one?

What do you guys think? Am I being picky?
Be honest:) 

Monday, August 1, 2011


I realize I haven't posted much... I didn't think my new job would end up going full time and all that. I haven't posted but I have bought hundred dollars worth of scrap booking materials AND candle making things since I want it to be my new hobby. I have also bought hundreds worth of makeup, nail polish to be exact LOL and considering I buy my nail polish and nail things whole sale in LA I have TONS I would love to share. My goal is to catch up this week though. K? ummm Hope you are all having a great summer!