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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I confess Wednesday

Thanks to Rockin' Mama and Bre Bre I decided to participate in I confess Wednesday since I have a lot to get off my chest a LOT of the time. so here goes 

I confess...The possibility of losing the family business makes me more sad than I'd like to admit.
I confess...I enjoy people watching at work.

I confess...I resent my parents for being so over protective of me that now my biggest fear is losing them one day since I don't know how to deal without parents constantly around and in my business.

I confess...When hubby pisses me off I kick him "in my sleep"

I confess...I really resent my brother for being a functioning alcoholic since he was my real best friend and now hes just a drunk I live with.

I confess...I miss being able to spend countless amount of money on makeup. (bad I know, don't judge!!!)

I confess...Lately almost anything makes me cry. It's fucking annoying! & I swear if I'm pregnant, I will kill hubby.

While on that subject...I confess...As much as I love hubby, I feel he's not ready to be a dad to a second child, let alone the one we already have:{

LASTLY..I confess...the more stressed I am the more inclined I have been to wanting to drink & the other night I had 2 wine coolers.


Mini haul & NOTD

I ordered the monster bundle pack off amazon, it's like imitation konad but works pretty good. I've been playing with them non stop lol heres what I finally ended up doing on my nails.

This came out a bit strange but it's ok for a first time try.

Its 21 plates and each plate has 6 images

I bought real konad stamper and scraper 

I put crowns on my thumbs:)

Over all its a good product but it is a bit harder to use than the real konad plates. You need to press a hard to get the image onto the stamper and onto your nail but it's ok.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I have a haul post coming soon but in the mean time here is a finished look at the card Ive made. I've sold 6 so far so these are whats left, I decided to take pics before the rest are gone:)
Since there are no major holidays coming up, (by "major holidays" i mean holidays where people feel the need to but tons) I'm starting on easter cards soon, along with thank you and birthday cards:)

The one on the right is one of my favorites:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Milani infinite liquid liner review

I know I haven't posted much, mostly cause of work but also because I'm saving for the scrap booking expo, the big 4 concert and IMATS. So I haven't bought much other than things I need like lotion and basics. My sister bought this eyeliner because the color is amazing but she didn't like the applicator and gave it to me. 
The light is horrible but its a really pretty purple with a bit of shimmer.
The formula is THICK, my eye lid feels heavy lol
~Water proof
~Unique shade of purple

~TOO thick to work with, took me 5 minutes to do both eyes:/
the consistency is like frosting
~Takes a while to dry
~Dries very goopy

I will not ever buy, this liner in particular I'll probably wear once in a while but over all it's just not great.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Custom blush!!!

I haven't really been in the mood to blog for personal reasons but I just felt like it today:)

Okay, so i have always wanted a coral-ish blush. Two days ago I got an idea to try something. What if I applied a tiny bit of OCC grandma lip tar and then over it my ELF blusher blush....this is what i came up with....

If you have ever tried the lip tars you know a tiny bit goes a LONG way. They smell kind of minty and the texture is like lip gloss but then starts to turn into a lip stick consistency.
Sorry the lighting is horrible.
on top its the blusher on its own, on the bottom its less than a drop of the lip tar. 
Here is the blusher over the lip tar. it looks really bright because I added  more lip tar so it would show up in the picture but on my cheeks its a really pretty coral:)