This is me:)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here is the best shot I could get since I was in a rush:(
Okay so in an hour and 15 minutes I leave to Las Vegas!:) I have not been there since 2005!!!! It is my second favorite place, Disney land being 1st of course:) I decided to so a brown Smokey look, in real life its darker. I figured this would be the easiest look to turn into a dark Smokey eye for tonight:) Not sure what exactly were going to do yet but were staying at the MGM and I can't wait!!!!!  Hopefully I can get amazing pictures while there, even though the weather app said tonight it'll be 21 degrees out there tonight:{ I would love to know what's YOUR favorite part of sin city! Let me know!:)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Shopping!! black Friday started last night:) After dinner we watched a movie while I looked through ads and saw coupons for Michael's so after the movie ended we went to look around and also to Walmart. Today we went to Target and the mall:)

At Michael's I got a few craft things and at Walmart I got another Christmas stocking, this one of Mickey and Minnie (there's no picture because that's at home) I also got a Lakers ornament as a gift for a friend of mine.

Today at Target I got the vampire diaries  DVD which was on Sale for $12.99 and a coffee:) The mall was very busy so we didn't really get to look around so we only got some new Nike shoes for work because my Jordan's are all messed up now. Aside from the shoes being on sale I shop in kids size so it's even cheaper:)
A few days ago I got these at Target. The elf lip-gloss I wasn't sure about because it looks like it's a small amount
of product but then again for A $1 it was good I really like it so far and it's not sticky:)
The Revlon Photo Ready powder seems a bit chalky but when applied wit a duo fiber brush its really good:)

I LOVE arts & crafts. They went from $7.99 to $4.99:)
These also down to $4.99

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happiest place on earth!!!!

Here we were waiting for the fireworks:) we got great seats because of my wonderful hubby. Even though we were sitting on benches, we still got a bit soaked while waiting for them to start but it was well worth it. Look how pretty it looks!!!
(I realize I use the word "pretty" A lot!)

Last night I went to Disney Land, my favorite place EVER! when I was younger I would tell my parents "I'm going to save up and buy a pass to come whenever I want" they always said if I did I'd get sick of it and it wouldn't be magical anymore, glad to say they were wrong:) I am blessed to have an annual pass and I don't get tired of it and it's magical every trip especially during the Holidays:) I only bought my annual tree ornament but I don't have a picture of it, its just  a glass one with Minnie and Mickey exchanging gifts in front of the castle covered in snow on the inside of the ornament. Let me know what memories or places you associate with holidays! I'd love to hear it:)

This is a tree topper and I regret not buying it! It was
$39.99 but I forgot that premium pass holders get 20% off merchandise
until the cashier reminded me but it didn't occur to me to go get
it, it would have come out to $35.11. Oh well, but its really pretty!
To get in the spirit I did my nails using CG's
Party Hearty over Jolly Holly:)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting in the holiday spirit!

Saturday or Sunday I was at the mall and went into Claire's, growing up I would go there EVERY weekend and see what I could afford with my then allowance of $5 a week LOL. So I went to see if they had any cute earnings for Christmas and I ended up getting 5 pairs :)
They were buy two get one free
I'm actually not a fan of the "pearls" but I couldn't resist the little gingerbread men,
as for the snow flake, I get snowflake earrings every year:)
(IDK why it uploaded side ways)
the reindeer's look  cuter in person and so do the candy
canes but what's great is they're not heavy!

Lastly, today I went back to sally beauty supply to return CG's Phat Santa and Jolly Holly that I had bought individually because they had the gift set made up of Phat Santa, Party Hearty and Jolly Holly. I even ended up getting 64 cents back because of my member card:) so it was like getting 3 nail polishes for less than the price of two:)
SO happy my search for Party Hearty is over!!!
can't wait to try it out!
Thank you for reading!:)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New nail tutorial video:)

I had this idea in my head for a nail tutorial since the day I made the Christmas card in the video a few weeks ago. I love arts & crafts SO much! If I'm not playing with make-up and nail polish I'm usually playing with  crafts:) I also love pinks and purples so when I finished making the card I knew I had to do nails to go along with it! The only thing I regret is not having drawn a penguin on my nail lol

Sorry I couldn't post the actual video, I'm on a different lap top:{

Saturday, November 20, 2010

First post

Ok so for my First post i decided to do a haul post since ive been to Sally Beauty supply about 3 times in the past week in search of China Glaze's "party hearty" with no luck yet. This is what i did buy though:
"For Audrey"- It's a light blue that is so pretty, I usually don't like light colors!
"Spontaneous"- Light creamy purple, I haven't tried it yet:{
"Flying dragon"- Neon purple with blue and pink sparkles, AMAZING in the sunlight!
"Purple panic"- I swear it looks neon pink with  tiny tiny pink sparkles
(These were all from China Glaze)

For the holidays I bought:
A sparkle top coat by Finger Paints, it reminds me of snow:)
"Naughty and nice" (CG) -It's a gorgeus deep plum wine color
"Jolly Holly" (CG) -  Deep green with sparkles, this also looks so pretty in the sunlight
"Phat Santa" (CG) - Bright Red, real pretty but I didn't like that it took 3 coats
China Glaze Peppermint cuticle oil - This stuff is wonderful and the smell alone is worth buying! pretty sure I'll go back for a second bottle of it!