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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fate and A change of heart.

For any of those interested...
I was going to make today's blog an announcement blog about a new blog about life I'm starting. I have been having anxiety attacks and need a form to vent. I actually do a lot of writing but never post anything. I was inspired by a few bloggers I follow to go ahead and start one.

My first "series" was going to be a story but I wanted it to be on a private blog that family couldn't find me on.
I was suppose to start that today, while I still plan to do this something happened..I was online and someone posted a challenge on my Facebook to talk about myself at whatever age the person who tagged me chose and here is what I got

My Age:16
What I wanted to be: Make-up artist/Hair stylist.
What I thought was cool: HGTV lol couldnt stop watching it
Bestfriend: Ana...No idea what happened to her lol

Well...This post caused an old friend of mine to message me asking what happened with my best friend seeing as how we had been friends for over 15 years..

Fate stepped in and made me write this post instead of starting my new blog. 

All last night I was thinking about my life and fate and coincidences. I got out of bed (hubby didnt miss me much, we had a minor argument
)  went downstairs and started writing about what I wanted to share with you all. I went to bed still dazed and confused (pardon the pun haha!) about fate.  

back to my old friends message... In hs I had the same bf for 3 years (big mistake) 
this guys best friend happened to be dating MY best friend...cute right? yeah. no. i know. 
my bf had a temper, and anger issues. Never with me though he just hated himself. My best friend was the exact same way. So today my ex's best friend asked me why I had a falling out with my bff (his X, are you understanding?) turns out him and my ex had the same type of falling out not so long after graduation. Aint that some shit? The city I live in, isnt too small, but its not huge but its small enough to run into people all the time. I have not ONCE ran into my EX turns out that his ex best friend has NEVER ran into my ex bff, yet me and him have managed to stay in touch after all this time. We both couldnt get over the fact that all this happened. They had been friends for over 15 years as well.

 It was nice catching up with him but it was sad to know that my EX and my ex BFF didnt get the psychological help they needed.
Its funny how life works. 

I will link the new blog when i have one....Till then ill be posting mini stories here...along with the usual mix of makeup and scrap booking:)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Todays post is beauty related because I can not seem to get inspired to make cards. I received my new stamps from the stamps of life a few days ago and I sat down, messed up 5 cards and gave up. My dad was sitting across from me and he just goes "wow you're way off today" and walked away LOL I was like wow...thanks?

So I then went online to look at other blogs and came across once specific post though caught my attention and its this one. Also, FYI the pics in my post I coppied from her post. 

The 2011 China Glaze Halloween collection.
I'm actually super disappointed with it:{

Maybe I'm being extra picky but I feel like there are already dupes of this out there and again maybe I'm being picky but it seems the only thing Halloween related is the names of the colors. What I was kind of expecting would be like and orange glittery crackle or Maybe a blood red glittery polish. Maybe in person I'll change my mind.

Same goes for their Christmas collection..Some of these look like the ones from last years. Although I will say I do want to buy the "Velvet Bow"  and "Champagne Bubbles" (looks like one from last years that I wasn't able to buy) Oh and doesn't "Tinsel Town" look like"Haunting" from the Halloween one?

What do you guys think? Am I being picky?
Be honest:) 

Monday, August 1, 2011


I realize I haven't posted much... I didn't think my new job would end up going full time and all that. I haven't posted but I have bought hundred dollars worth of scrap booking materials AND candle making things since I want it to be my new hobby. I have also bought hundreds worth of makeup, nail polish to be exact LOL and considering I buy my nail polish and nail things whole sale in LA I have TONS I would love to share. My goal is to catch up this week though. K? ummm Hope you are all having a great summer!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Giveaway WINNER!

So, there were a lot of comments and it broke my heart to narrow it down to only 13 but those 13 were the only ones who actually followed the rules.
1. be subscriber


So the winner is......... #6 Amy J Rockstar!!! Please contact me within 24 hours to claim your prize:)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lets play catch up!!!

Hello to all of you!
I know its been...what? A month now? well A lot has been going on and haven't really kept up with my blog.
 To make it easy on you I'll lay it out this way..

1.Where have I been?
Working more hours at the bookstore...I have my own office now!:) not bad!

2.Where else have I been?
Packing up the family restaurant! The economy finally hit us (even more). We (FINALLY) decided to close up so I've been packing up all the restaurant stuff and taking it home. Yes ME, no one else has really helped other than to unload the stuff at home. I think they were in denial but my way of coping was to just pack up and clean and get it over with before someone else did. I've even got our kitchen at home actually looking like a kitchen!

3. Am I sad about the restaurant?
DUH! it sucks! its like a breakup with someone of 7 1/2 years! It was there for my freshman year of high school to my graduation, actual break-ups, surgery, pets, friends etc.. but thats life and we all needed the rest. It was too much on all of us especially my dad to be working 12-14 hr days! and with this 2nd job really working out for me it all worked out. BUT...I'm not crying over it, even though a lot of customers are telling me "you need to be sad!" UMM.... no I don't... it was becoming a burden. Please don't tell me how to feel.

ON A SIDE NOTE: What is this world coming to? It's like people thrive to see others fail. Ive had at LEAST 4 customers act all sad and say "I'm so sorry" and the minute they see me being positive or grateful for the weight off our shoulders lifted and thankful that my mom brother and me all have other good jobs they get outraged and pretty much demand for me to be hurt?
Shouldn't they be happy we didn't end up on the streets like others? that we have jobs to fall back on?
Oh and did I mention that these are customers that have been there with us from the beginning? customers I thought were nice, loyal and decent friends? aye.

4. Whats this 2nd job?
at 1st it was just cashier at a Catholic bookstore..
Now I'm in charge of all the accounts of a monthly CD club thats also Catholic based.
ALSO, right now I'm in charge of all the vendors of the annual Catholic Family Conference in July:)
My mom and brother work at the parent company of the bookstore. A catholic organization. I'm not a very religious person  but I've always wanted to work here, my brother has worked for this company since like 1997(ish?)

I never said my blog was specifically makeup fashion related because I didn't want to just blog about makeup (which I have bought A lot of in the past month)
I think there is beauty in everything and as those of you who actually read my blog know I also love scrap booking. With that being said. My next post will be a blog hop. It'll actually be 4 posts and a giveaway.

So, are any of you still reading this? yes? no? let me know!!!!:)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Okay so I haven't been doing my nails in a while because they've become very brittle and thin for some reason.
Finally they've gotten stronger:) and this is why...

The nutra nail growth treatment(left) I started using in hs. It claims to make nails stronger and longer within 5 days, I can honestly say that is 100% true! I started using it again last Wednesday when my nails were very short and now they're way stronger and most definitely longer! It's an oil that kind of absorbs into the nail.
The sally Hansen green tea + bamboo is like a base coat, with this the claims are similar to the nutra nail growth but I don't really see a difference but I do feel it. When I apply it my nails do feel a little stronger but doesn't really do much.

Here is what I used after the nail treatment and base coat.

Here is the end result. My hand has gotten slightly sloppy and thats why the silver lining  is a bit thick.
hope you like:)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

MINI haul:)

Ok I was going to make this haul into a video BUT... I forgot my makeup at home (I'm at the bookstore) and I look like a mess and I also forgot my camera and I just don't like how my iPhone washes me out..

I know I've been MIA for a while and that because I have been doing a lot of card making, I have an order to make for invitations to a quinceanera and things have been hectic and will continue to be hectic until the end of April:/ This week though, I did manage to save a bit of money and get a few things I've been wanting.

from left to right
elf glitter gloss, elf blush, mango cuticle oil, and hard candy glafoflauge concealer.

This was $3 and the color is fuchsia fusion,
its a bright pink with tons of shimmer:)

The glitter gloss is in the color Glam guava
in the picture it looks pink but its more of a copper pink with hints of coral.

The swatch of the blush didn't come out like I had hoped but you can see the shimmer. When you apply it, it goes on very bright so you don't need to use a lot of it. and the shimmer isn't over powering:)

Oh and the mango cuticle oil claims to be "the ultimate remedy for excessively dry skin, cracked heels and patches" it smells amazing and so far it's been working well. I bought it Thursday and I've only used it once and so far my cuticles have been better.
Also the glamoflauge concealer, it's good for my face and blemishes but for under my eyes it just doesn't look good:{

Friday, March 25, 2011

Handwriting tag:)

1. What is your name? And your blog?
2. What's your blog URL?
3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote.
5. Favorite song?
6. Favorite band/singers?
7. Say anything you want.
8. Pass this along to a few bloggers.

1. Ivonne  Daily Dose of Beauty
3. the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
4. "so close no matter how far" - Metallica
5. "nothing else matters" - Metallica
6. Metallica ( you couldnt tell? lol)
7. I miss you
8. I tag anyone who wants to try this!:)

Monday, March 7, 2011

NOTD & review + Humane society rant:)

Okay so I was very hesitant to buy this and even more to rave about it after using it for a day, so I waited a week and see if I liked it less. I didn't!
It's a combination of MAC's fix+ and benefits Shelaq
 Price (only $5)
Leaves face kind of matte, not at all shinny like fix+
leaves face like shelaq MINUS the cracking

CONS:The size of the bottle:{ small amount of product:{
The smell isnt bad but not great

This is a light lavender color from hot topic, it tries matte so I put a glossy top coat on it:)
So.....I got another ticket for my dog. Last year it was for expired license, my fault so I payed.

Thursday I get a "$30 fine for barking" and warning for not having her registered.
Friday I get the "official" ticket in the mail for $200!!!!!!! can you say what the fuck?
The ticket says $100 for not having her registered....well carlos valles (the humane society officer)
didn't really do his research (hes had it out for us since I filed a complaint on him last year) she has all her shots, IS registers and DOES have her license. So you can bet ima raise hell when I go down to city hall later.
the other $100 fine was for "chronic" barking...
1. it was issues in the day 12:41 pm to be exact, it's the daytime, dogs bark in the day, he cant fine me for that, they can only fine if its at nigh because it would be considered disturbing the neighborhood.
2. It's not chronic she only barks when the lady next door feeds her food that make her sick or throws cold water on her (hello its winter!)

Back to this carlos valles jerk.
last year when he went to give us a warning about her barking towards the neighbor he verbally attacked my brother, thats why I filed a complaint.
He and the lady next door ganged up on my bro. My god is named Marley, after Marley and me cause shes just as hyper so we give her Calming chews to calm her down, my bro told the jerk this and the jerk said those dont exist and are illegal well thats contradicting isnt it? They do exist and ARE legal I get them at pets mart. He said he was gonna call the cops cause its wrong to give dogs those chews. Okay so what is it? do they exist or not?
back to this ticket. it was written wed. at 12:41 in order to write a ticket he has to be at the house, so why didn't he just give it to me right then and there? why did he wait til Thursday when we all left for work to tape it on the door? and why the change in amounts over night? from 30 to 100 HUGE difference!

OKay my sister just got here to cover for me to go down to city hall with the hubby.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More of my crafts:)

Okay so if you follow me on twitter you know this weekend i went to a scrap-booking expo in Anaheim. They had all sorts of fun things for crafts and card making and scrap-booking for great prices. Except the clear stamps, those were all retail price so I only bought one set of clear stamps. Here are some pictures of  what I got.
A paper embossing machine for $40. usually the machine alone is $40-60 but it came with 3 embossing folders, 40 cards and envelopes, 40 sheets of paper, some stickers and the plates:)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it looks like a purse!

Here is a card I made using the machine. It's really simple because I needed to make 30. I thought it was gonna be for 30 women and it turns out it was for 30 all these will be useless until the womens retreat next week. 

These are little "bling" jewels. They we only 99 cents per sheet, at Michaels they're usually $3.99 so it was a good deal:)

Here is the only stamps I bought. it was the turtle that sold me:{

Scrap-booking set only $3. It was the last one too.

A close up of the sayings
Thank you for reading:)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I confess Wednesday

Thanks to Rockin' Mama and Bre Bre I decided to participate in I confess Wednesday since I have a lot to get off my chest a LOT of the time. so here goes 

I confess...The possibility of losing the family business makes me more sad than I'd like to admit.
I confess...I enjoy people watching at work.

I confess...I resent my parents for being so over protective of me that now my biggest fear is losing them one day since I don't know how to deal without parents constantly around and in my business.

I confess...When hubby pisses me off I kick him "in my sleep"

I confess...I really resent my brother for being a functioning alcoholic since he was my real best friend and now hes just a drunk I live with.

I confess...I miss being able to spend countless amount of money on makeup. (bad I know, don't judge!!!)

I confess...Lately almost anything makes me cry. It's fucking annoying! & I swear if I'm pregnant, I will kill hubby.

While on that subject...I confess...As much as I love hubby, I feel he's not ready to be a dad to a second child, let alone the one we already have:{

LASTLY..I confess...the more stressed I am the more inclined I have been to wanting to drink & the other night I had 2 wine coolers.


Mini haul & NOTD

I ordered the monster bundle pack off amazon, it's like imitation konad but works pretty good. I've been playing with them non stop lol heres what I finally ended up doing on my nails.

This came out a bit strange but it's ok for a first time try.

Its 21 plates and each plate has 6 images

I bought real konad stamper and scraper 

I put crowns on my thumbs:)

Over all its a good product but it is a bit harder to use than the real konad plates. You need to press a hard to get the image onto the stamper and onto your nail but it's ok.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I have a haul post coming soon but in the mean time here is a finished look at the card Ive made. I've sold 6 so far so these are whats left, I decided to take pics before the rest are gone:)
Since there are no major holidays coming up, (by "major holidays" i mean holidays where people feel the need to but tons) I'm starting on easter cards soon, along with thank you and birthday cards:)

The one on the right is one of my favorites:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Milani infinite liquid liner review

I know I haven't posted much, mostly cause of work but also because I'm saving for the scrap booking expo, the big 4 concert and IMATS. So I haven't bought much other than things I need like lotion and basics. My sister bought this eyeliner because the color is amazing but she didn't like the applicator and gave it to me. 
The light is horrible but its a really pretty purple with a bit of shimmer.
The formula is THICK, my eye lid feels heavy lol
~Water proof
~Unique shade of purple

~TOO thick to work with, took me 5 minutes to do both eyes:/
the consistency is like frosting
~Takes a while to dry
~Dries very goopy

I will not ever buy, this liner in particular I'll probably wear once in a while but over all it's just not great.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Custom blush!!!

I haven't really been in the mood to blog for personal reasons but I just felt like it today:)

Okay, so i have always wanted a coral-ish blush. Two days ago I got an idea to try something. What if I applied a tiny bit of OCC grandma lip tar and then over it my ELF blusher blush....this is what i came up with....

If you have ever tried the lip tars you know a tiny bit goes a LONG way. They smell kind of minty and the texture is like lip gloss but then starts to turn into a lip stick consistency.
Sorry the lighting is horrible.
on top its the blusher on its own, on the bottom its less than a drop of the lip tar. 
Here is the blusher over the lip tar. it looks really bright because I added  more lip tar so it would show up in the picture but on my cheeks its a really pretty coral:)

Friday, January 28, 2011

30 day blog challenge: DAY 26

A place I've been to:
Catalina Island
(small island off the coast of California)

I went there when I was about 7 or 8. I'm trying to convince hubby and son to go soon but they're not really the "lets go out and do stuff" type:{ but I'd love to go again one day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not beauty related BUT>>>>

Hubby got us tickets!!!!!!

Just needed to share:)

30 day blog challenge: DAY 25

Whats in my purse:
I skipped day 24 because I wasn't in the mood to type.

Hubby got this for me Christmas 2009

My Harley Davidson key chain with my keys to the book store and to the house, my pink wallet and my pink planner.

My makeup bag and my perfume

A close up of the perfume

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last night I had to make a quick stop on my way home from work to CVS to buy laundry detergent and saw the new Wet & wild Mega last nail polish.  The colors scream SPRING, not my favorite season but its pretty.

the colors I bought are:
210B Tropicalia (left)
209B candy-licious/rose bon bon (right)

I wore the tropicalia color. It looks more orange in the picture but it's suck a pretty coral, I love it!
It only took 2 coats:)

30 day blog challenge: DAY 23

15 facts about me, a picture of me and how my day was.
*not doing the picture cause I'm having  a no make up day*

1. I LOVE arts and crafts!!!
2. Even though I get spooked easily I love reading about paranormal things
3.I get attached to things/people easily (not good)
4. My son is actually my step-son but that sounds like such an ugly word to me. He IS my son.
5. I'm getting my degree in Behavioral science to be a teacher 
6.My BIGGEST fear is losing my dad
7.I use to read up to 3 books a week in high school
8.I eat hot Cheetos with milk. If you must know why its because in elementary school kids always brought them and the only thing they'd give us to drink was milk...therefore, I now can't eat them with anything else.
9.I love all the 90's shows like sabrina, boy meets world, step by step, fresh prince of Bel air, family matters, full house. You name it chances are I love it and its on my hard drive:)
10.I collect Disney pins, Hard rock cafe pins and anything Harley davidson
11. I love metal. (the music) 
12.I got hubbys name tattooed on me after being together 3 months (crazy? FUCK yes. regret it? NOPE. he has my name on his arm)
13.My 1st rock concert was when I was a sophomore in High school came home to sleep for 2 hours before going to school.
14.I've never really been into the "party" scene
15.I have a HORRIBLY HORRIBLY dirty mind and I'm not ashamed:)
Mine is now in need of retouching. (didn't hurt that much. tickled when they hit the hip bone)

His is perfect and doesn't need retouching. damn him.
My day has been good. Bought tickets to the scrap booking expo in Anaheim at the convention center across the street from Disney land. the expo end at 6pm so I see a trip to the happiest place on earth after.

Monday, January 24, 2011

V-day cards (preview)

I went to Lowe's yesterday to buy patches and the stuff u put over the patch to seal holes in walls. whats it called??? Well anyways I was there because my HUGE wonderful Marley I guess is going through her teenage rebellious years (LOL)  and has made 3 medium sized holes in the walls of the laundry room, therefore I need to cover them up before my mom gets more mad. Since Michale's is in the same shopping center I went there too:)

I bought a lot of stuff and when i got back to the restaurant I started making cards right away.
I'm also trying to create an account to sell things I make but I'm having some issues with that at the moment. but out of the 9 cards this one is my favorite so far.

Also, I'm trying to also get into other things, not just cards. maybe book marks, cupcake toppers, baking sets (like a basket filled with everything you need to make a cake or cupcakes along with the liners and toppers and all that fun stuff)

It looks grayish blue but its a light lavender with the pink ribbon on top and on the bottom. The cupcake is on the pop dots for dimension and has a red jewel:)

30 day blog challenge: DAY 22

A letter to someone who has hurt me recently:

Well.....I'll just make it short and straight to the point.

I don't understand why you hurt me. It's almost like you get pleasure from it. I try and do everything I can for you but only to have it backfire and not ever be good enough for you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

30 day blog challenge: DAY 21

A photo of something that makes me happy:

Last September I went on a 4 day retreat with my mom and sister for church so my dad brother hubby and bro in law were alone for 4 days lol Oh and by the way I had NO phone for those 4 days:/
When I got home that Sunday night my hubby had a surprise for me. He had installed a towel rack haha and got me a BIG pink pillow. He also did ALL the laundry and cleaned the room! The BEST BEST part was the picture he drew me:) It's now the background on my phone