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Saturday, March 26, 2011

MINI haul:)

Ok I was going to make this haul into a video BUT... I forgot my makeup at home (I'm at the bookstore) and I look like a mess and I also forgot my camera and I just don't like how my iPhone washes me out..

I know I've been MIA for a while and that because I have been doing a lot of card making, I have an order to make for invitations to a quinceanera and things have been hectic and will continue to be hectic until the end of April:/ This week though, I did manage to save a bit of money and get a few things I've been wanting.

from left to right
elf glitter gloss, elf blush, mango cuticle oil, and hard candy glafoflauge concealer.

This was $3 and the color is fuchsia fusion,
its a bright pink with tons of shimmer:)

The glitter gloss is in the color Glam guava
in the picture it looks pink but its more of a copper pink with hints of coral.

The swatch of the blush didn't come out like I had hoped but you can see the shimmer. When you apply it, it goes on very bright so you don't need to use a lot of it. and the shimmer isn't over powering:)

Oh and the mango cuticle oil claims to be "the ultimate remedy for excessively dry skin, cracked heels and patches" it smells amazing and so far it's been working well. I bought it Thursday and I've only used it once and so far my cuticles have been better.
Also the glamoflauge concealer, it's good for my face and blemishes but for under my eyes it just doesn't look good:{

Friday, March 25, 2011

Handwriting tag:)

1. What is your name? And your blog?
2. What's your blog URL?
3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote.
5. Favorite song?
6. Favorite band/singers?
7. Say anything you want.
8. Pass this along to a few bloggers.

1. Ivonne  Daily Dose of Beauty
3. the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
4. "so close no matter how far" - Metallica
5. "nothing else matters" - Metallica
6. Metallica ( you couldnt tell? lol)
7. I miss you
8. I tag anyone who wants to try this!:)

Monday, March 7, 2011

NOTD & review + Humane society rant:)

Okay so I was very hesitant to buy this and even more to rave about it after using it for a day, so I waited a week and see if I liked it less. I didn't!
It's a combination of MAC's fix+ and benefits Shelaq
 Price (only $5)
Leaves face kind of matte, not at all shinny like fix+
leaves face like shelaq MINUS the cracking

CONS:The size of the bottle:{ small amount of product:{
The smell isnt bad but not great

This is a light lavender color from hot topic, it tries matte so I put a glossy top coat on it:)
So.....I got another ticket for my dog. Last year it was for expired license, my fault so I payed.

Thursday I get a "$30 fine for barking" and warning for not having her registered.
Friday I get the "official" ticket in the mail for $200!!!!!!! can you say what the fuck?
The ticket says $100 for not having her registered....well carlos valles (the humane society officer)
didn't really do his research (hes had it out for us since I filed a complaint on him last year) she has all her shots, IS registers and DOES have her license. So you can bet ima raise hell when I go down to city hall later.
the other $100 fine was for "chronic" barking...
1. it was issues in the day 12:41 pm to be exact, it's the daytime, dogs bark in the day, he cant fine me for that, they can only fine if its at nigh because it would be considered disturbing the neighborhood.
2. It's not chronic she only barks when the lady next door feeds her food that make her sick or throws cold water on her (hello its winter!)

Back to this carlos valles jerk.
last year when he went to give us a warning about her barking towards the neighbor he verbally attacked my brother, thats why I filed a complaint.
He and the lady next door ganged up on my bro. My god is named Marley, after Marley and me cause shes just as hyper so we give her Calming chews to calm her down, my bro told the jerk this and the jerk said those dont exist and are illegal well thats contradicting isnt it? They do exist and ARE legal I get them at pets mart. He said he was gonna call the cops cause its wrong to give dogs those chews. Okay so what is it? do they exist or not?
back to this ticket. it was written wed. at 12:41 in order to write a ticket he has to be at the house, so why didn't he just give it to me right then and there? why did he wait til Thursday when we all left for work to tape it on the door? and why the change in amounts over night? from 30 to 100 HUGE difference!

OKay my sister just got here to cover for me to go down to city hall with the hubby.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More of my crafts:)

Okay so if you follow me on twitter you know this weekend i went to a scrap-booking expo in Anaheim. They had all sorts of fun things for crafts and card making and scrap-booking for great prices. Except the clear stamps, those were all retail price so I only bought one set of clear stamps. Here are some pictures of  what I got.
A paper embossing machine for $40. usually the machine alone is $40-60 but it came with 3 embossing folders, 40 cards and envelopes, 40 sheets of paper, some stickers and the plates:)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it looks like a purse!

Here is a card I made using the machine. It's really simple because I needed to make 30. I thought it was gonna be for 30 women and it turns out it was for 30 all these will be useless until the womens retreat next week. 

These are little "bling" jewels. They we only 99 cents per sheet, at Michaels they're usually $3.99 so it was a good deal:)

Here is the only stamps I bought. it was the turtle that sold me:{

Scrap-booking set only $3. It was the last one too.

A close up of the sayings
Thank you for reading:)