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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I confess Wednesday

Thanks to Rockin' Mama and Bre Bre I decided to participate in I confess Wednesday since I have a lot to get off my chest a LOT of the time. so here goes 

I confess...The possibility of losing the family business makes me more sad than I'd like to admit.
I confess...I enjoy people watching at work.

I confess...I resent my parents for being so over protective of me that now my biggest fear is losing them one day since I don't know how to deal without parents constantly around and in my business.

I confess...When hubby pisses me off I kick him "in my sleep"

I confess...I really resent my brother for being a functioning alcoholic since he was my real best friend and now hes just a drunk I live with.

I confess...I miss being able to spend countless amount of money on makeup. (bad I know, don't judge!!!)

I confess...Lately almost anything makes me cry. It's fucking annoying! & I swear if I'm pregnant, I will kill hubby.

While on that subject...I confess...As much as I love hubby, I feel he's not ready to be a dad to a second child, let alone the one we already have:{

LASTLY..I confess...the more stressed I am the more inclined I have been to wanting to drink & the other night I had 2 wine coolers.



  1. It must feel great to get that all out :)
    I think if I got pregnant again, my marriage wouldn't survive it ;(

  2. Interesting read, thanks for sharing.:D

    Happy Weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Hmmm.. thinking about it, I confess that I am still not ready to be a mom.

    Thanks for posting this, made me think.

    ***** Marie *****