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Friday, June 3, 2011

Lets play catch up!!!

Hello to all of you!
I know its been...what? A month now? well A lot has been going on and haven't really kept up with my blog.
 To make it easy on you I'll lay it out this way..

1.Where have I been?
Working more hours at the bookstore...I have my own office now!:) not bad!

2.Where else have I been?
Packing up the family restaurant! The economy finally hit us (even more). We (FINALLY) decided to close up so I've been packing up all the restaurant stuff and taking it home. Yes ME, no one else has really helped other than to unload the stuff at home. I think they were in denial but my way of coping was to just pack up and clean and get it over with before someone else did. I've even got our kitchen at home actually looking like a kitchen!

3. Am I sad about the restaurant?
DUH! it sucks! its like a breakup with someone of 7 1/2 years! It was there for my freshman year of high school to my graduation, actual break-ups, surgery, pets, friends etc.. but thats life and we all needed the rest. It was too much on all of us especially my dad to be working 12-14 hr days! and with this 2nd job really working out for me it all worked out. BUT...I'm not crying over it, even though a lot of customers are telling me "you need to be sad!" UMM.... no I don't... it was becoming a burden. Please don't tell me how to feel.

ON A SIDE NOTE: What is this world coming to? It's like people thrive to see others fail. Ive had at LEAST 4 customers act all sad and say "I'm so sorry" and the minute they see me being positive or grateful for the weight off our shoulders lifted and thankful that my mom brother and me all have other good jobs they get outraged and pretty much demand for me to be hurt?
Shouldn't they be happy we didn't end up on the streets like others? that we have jobs to fall back on?
Oh and did I mention that these are customers that have been there with us from the beginning? customers I thought were nice, loyal and decent friends? aye.

4. Whats this 2nd job?
at 1st it was just cashier at a Catholic bookstore..
Now I'm in charge of all the accounts of a monthly CD club thats also Catholic based.
ALSO, right now I'm in charge of all the vendors of the annual Catholic Family Conference in July:)
My mom and brother work at the parent company of the bookstore. A catholic organization. I'm not a very religious person  but I've always wanted to work here, my brother has worked for this company since like 1997(ish?)

I never said my blog was specifically makeup fashion related because I didn't want to just blog about makeup (which I have bought A lot of in the past month)
I think there is beauty in everything and as those of you who actually read my blog know I also love scrap booking. With that being said. My next post will be a blog hop. It'll actually be 4 posts and a giveaway.

So, are any of you still reading this? yes? no? let me know!!!!:)


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  1. I had to come back from when I was here earlier but I am still reading. Funny it should be me answering as I don't even wear make up but that is neither here nor there. I still love to know how people are and what they are up to or created. I am sorry about the restaurant. I know it is a burden off of you and all but it is still a loss/change in your life. Very glad to hear you all have jobs to fall back on as that certainly makes things easier. I couldn't even begin to answer why people are the way they are. (You don't want me to go there...they drive me they came from a different planet and don't understand what being "human" is all about.) I never thrive because someone around me failed. That does not "lift me up" in fact, it drags me down a bit. All I can do is offer a hand and help pull them up to where I am. If they pass me and get higher than.....good for them! Sorry, didn't mean to leave such a long comment.