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Monday, March 7, 2011

NOTD & review + Humane society rant:)

Okay so I was very hesitant to buy this and even more to rave about it after using it for a day, so I waited a week and see if I liked it less. I didn't!
It's a combination of MAC's fix+ and benefits Shelaq
 Price (only $5)
Leaves face kind of matte, not at all shinny like fix+
leaves face like shelaq MINUS the cracking

CONS:The size of the bottle:{ small amount of product:{
The smell isnt bad but not great

This is a light lavender color from hot topic, it tries matte so I put a glossy top coat on it:)
So.....I got another ticket for my dog. Last year it was for expired license, my fault so I payed.

Thursday I get a "$30 fine for barking" and warning for not having her registered.
Friday I get the "official" ticket in the mail for $200!!!!!!! can you say what the fuck?
The ticket says $100 for not having her registered....well carlos valles (the humane society officer)
didn't really do his research (hes had it out for us since I filed a complaint on him last year) she has all her shots, IS registers and DOES have her license. So you can bet ima raise hell when I go down to city hall later.
the other $100 fine was for "chronic" barking...
1. it was issues in the day 12:41 pm to be exact, it's the daytime, dogs bark in the day, he cant fine me for that, they can only fine if its at nigh because it would be considered disturbing the neighborhood.
2. It's not chronic she only barks when the lady next door feeds her food that make her sick or throws cold water on her (hello its winter!)

Back to this carlos valles jerk.
last year when he went to give us a warning about her barking towards the neighbor he verbally attacked my brother, thats why I filed a complaint.
He and the lady next door ganged up on my bro. My god is named Marley, after Marley and me cause shes just as hyper so we give her Calming chews to calm her down, my bro told the jerk this and the jerk said those dont exist and are illegal well thats contradicting isnt it? They do exist and ARE legal I get them at pets mart. He said he was gonna call the cops cause its wrong to give dogs those chews. Okay so what is it? do they exist or not?
back to this ticket. it was written wed. at 12:41 in order to write a ticket he has to be at the house, so why didn't he just give it to me right then and there? why did he wait til Thursday when we all left for work to tape it on the door? and why the change in amounts over night? from 30 to 100 HUGE difference!

OKay my sister just got here to cover for me to go down to city hall with the hubby.


  1. LOVE the hot topic color! I have alot of hot topic nail polishes but the brush is so annoying!

  2. Wow, what a jerk. Hopefully everything is settled now.

    ***** Marie *****