This is me:)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here is the best shot I could get since I was in a rush:(
Okay so in an hour and 15 minutes I leave to Las Vegas!:) I have not been there since 2005!!!! It is my second favorite place, Disney land being 1st of course:) I decided to so a brown Smokey look, in real life its darker. I figured this would be the easiest look to turn into a dark Smokey eye for tonight:) Not sure what exactly were going to do yet but were staying at the MGM and I can't wait!!!!!  Hopefully I can get amazing pictures while there, even though the weather app said tonight it'll be 21 degrees out there tonight:{ I would love to know what's YOUR favorite part of sin city! Let me know!:)


  1. That is a really pretty luck. Ive always wanted to go to Las Vegas :/ abit far away and expensive for me as I live in the UK. I really want to go to America, England is so boring haha

  2. I have never been to Disney Land :( Sadness!
    I will go one day :)
    Thats a great smokey eye, looks great! Have fun on your trip :)


  3. Emma, how can England be so boring? There's sop much history there! lol I'd love to go one day.

    Marietta, aww I'm sorry you've never been to DisneyLand, I hope one day you can make it out here!:)