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Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting in the holiday spirit!

Saturday or Sunday I was at the mall and went into Claire's, growing up I would go there EVERY weekend and see what I could afford with my then allowance of $5 a week LOL. So I went to see if they had any cute earnings for Christmas and I ended up getting 5 pairs :)
They were buy two get one free
I'm actually not a fan of the "pearls" but I couldn't resist the little gingerbread men,
as for the snow flake, I get snowflake earrings every year:)
(IDK why it uploaded side ways)
the reindeer's look  cuter in person and so do the candy
canes but what's great is they're not heavy!

Lastly, today I went back to sally beauty supply to return CG's Phat Santa and Jolly Holly that I had bought individually because they had the gift set made up of Phat Santa, Party Hearty and Jolly Holly. I even ended up getting 64 cents back because of my member card:) so it was like getting 3 nail polishes for less than the price of two:)
SO happy my search for Party Hearty is over!!!
can't wait to try it out!
Thank you for reading!:)


  1. Oh my God this is bringing back memories of my GORGEOUS X'mas earrings I got from Claire's last year, I popped them in a bag that I threw away without checking the insides - PAINFUL MEMORIESSSSS. Thanks for reminding me - I have to go back there and hope they have the same ones! :)

  2. Aw im sorry to hear that but im glad i reminded you:)
    They had tons!!! and if you go about 2 weeks before xmas theyll be on clearance. for halloween i went and got a lot of earring and necklaces for about $10:)

  3. Ah I have been looking for the trio also with no luck, but I did pickup "MistleToe Mischeif" by fingerpaints as a dupe for 3.99!


  4. really? both sally's near me have tons of that trio but NONE of the other gift sets.

  5. Wonderful purchases, my dear!!

  6. omg those polishes are sooo cute for the holidays!! great, now i need to go buy some! thanks alot girl! lol i love anything christmas :) u should post pics of ur polish!
    check out my blog if u like :)

  7. Love these nail polishes :)