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Monday, January 24, 2011

V-day cards (preview)

I went to Lowe's yesterday to buy patches and the stuff u put over the patch to seal holes in walls. whats it called??? Well anyways I was there because my HUGE wonderful Marley I guess is going through her teenage rebellious years (LOL)  and has made 3 medium sized holes in the walls of the laundry room, therefore I need to cover them up before my mom gets more mad. Since Michale's is in the same shopping center I went there too:)

I bought a lot of stuff and when i got back to the restaurant I started making cards right away.
I'm also trying to create an account to sell things I make but I'm having some issues with that at the moment. but out of the 9 cards this one is my favorite so far.

Also, I'm trying to also get into other things, not just cards. maybe book marks, cupcake toppers, baking sets (like a basket filled with everything you need to make a cake or cupcakes along with the liners and toppers and all that fun stuff)

It looks grayish blue but its a light lavender with the pink ribbon on top and on the bottom. The cupcake is on the pop dots for dimension and has a red jewel:)

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  1. Cute card, let us know when you open an etsy store!:D

    ***** Marie *****