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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 day blog challenge: DAY 23

15 facts about me, a picture of me and how my day was.
*not doing the picture cause I'm having  a no make up day*

1. I LOVE arts and crafts!!!
2. Even though I get spooked easily I love reading about paranormal things
3.I get attached to things/people easily (not good)
4. My son is actually my step-son but that sounds like such an ugly word to me. He IS my son.
5. I'm getting my degree in Behavioral science to be a teacher 
6.My BIGGEST fear is losing my dad
7.I use to read up to 3 books a week in high school
8.I eat hot Cheetos with milk. If you must know why its because in elementary school kids always brought them and the only thing they'd give us to drink was milk...therefore, I now can't eat them with anything else.
9.I love all the 90's shows like sabrina, boy meets world, step by step, fresh prince of Bel air, family matters, full house. You name it chances are I love it and its on my hard drive:)
10.I collect Disney pins, Hard rock cafe pins and anything Harley davidson
11. I love metal. (the music) 
12.I got hubbys name tattooed on me after being together 3 months (crazy? FUCK yes. regret it? NOPE. he has my name on his arm)
13.My 1st rock concert was when I was a sophomore in High school came home to sleep for 2 hours before going to school.
14.I've never really been into the "party" scene
15.I have a HORRIBLY HORRIBLY dirty mind and I'm not ashamed:)
Mine is now in need of retouching. (didn't hurt that much. tickled when they hit the hip bone)

His is perfect and doesn't need retouching. damn him.
My day has been good. Bought tickets to the scrap booking expo in Anaheim at the convention center across the street from Disney land. the expo end at 6pm so I see a trip to the happiest place on earth after.

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