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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas gifts:)

FINALLY got some rain boots!!!!  After seven days of non stop rain in Southern California I got them. Yes the rain has stopped but we still have a few months to go and I'd rather be prepared:) They're Polo and I bought them at Burlington coat factory so I got a good deal! I used the Visa gift card my sister gave me.

Because I have thick calves I had to buy a size seven (I'm a size six) but it's okay because I can just wear some thick socks:)
I went about a week too late and this was the last pair they had that wasn't black or red. I would have liked some all black ones but they didn't have my size they only had sizes 9 and up!!! 

My friend got me this perfume set from Victoria's secret. I had gone to the mall with his GF and I had told her I wanted this so bad and if she could use her discount for me, she never followed up but now I know why:)

The hubby got me this to open on Christmas eve but he had also gotten me the lap top I'm using (Toshiba) and A LOT of other things through out the month of December:)

My friend  got me these two candles because she knows I love anything vanilla and any candles:)

I bought myself this as my Christmas gift a few weeks back. I'm still getting use to the pain:{

My sister got me this, it's a "love angel" its small and perfect for my book self!

My friend who got me the candles also gave me this, I wont use it but she got it for me cause it was girly and had pink snowflakes LOL! She knows me well!

The pictures from our family dinner should be up once my  brother in law sends them:) I had A wonderful Christmas filled with LOTS of good food:)

How was everybody's Christmas??


  1. I need rainboots and I love yours! Your friend was probably grateful that you were definitely going to love that gift! The kay necklace is pretty and the duck is adorable! I enjoy reading your blog and check out my giveaway!