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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cute candy lip gloss and NOTD (mini review)

China Glaze's flying dragon (neon)
The color itself is gorgeous the blue and pink glitter add such a pretty sparkle
in the sun. I used 3 coats, sadly it it chipped so bad:{ Today is the third day I've had it on and it's mostly all off, I think it's because its a neon because all their other colors don't chip

Ok i really debated buying this because it looks like its for little girls and I'm sure it is lol but I couldn't help it.
Also they have pretty amounts of sparkle in them, like shimmer not chunky like glitter.

Here are the swatches, as you can see the only one that kinda has tint is the pink one which is the strawberry, the rest are all just clear gloss.
As for the smell/flavor the ONLY one that smells like what it's suppose to is the grape, I hate grape flavored stuff so much! So that kinda sucked:{ the rest didn't smell bad, they smelled good and fruity, just not like what they're suppose to. For the $3 I payed it wasn't bad. they do make good on the go back up glosses.
I'm not sure if im going to keep them, gift them, or save them for a give away later on


  1. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog today!

    To answer your question ^^x

    (sorry for the off-topic)
    I was trying out a new skin care routine. I got this Beauche kit from one of our local counters here in Manila and I just started it this week.

    These are what it has:
    Skin Toner 60ml
    Beauty Bar Soap -papaya soap to whiten skin

    Clarifying Solution
    Exfoliating Cream -this makes dead skin shed

    Rejuvinating Cream
    Age Eraser Cream - moisturize and anti aging...

    so basically what happens is the regimen should help me lose pimples, blackheads and whiteheads and leave me a fair smooth skin...


  2. You know I really love all shades of purple, for some reason it looks good on me unlike some nail polish...