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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review and NOTD

I bought this on a whim. It has a wet setting and a dry setting, it heats up within 30 seconds of turning it on. I tried it with wet hair and it took about 4/5 passes to get it dry and straight so I was already planning on returning it. I kept at it though because the next day I was gonna be out all day, it took a while but I got it. Now, with my usual flat iron when I use it at night in the morning my hair will get wavy from sleeping on it, it did NOT happen with this one! Also it left my hair very very shinny. So the next day I was up at 4am to go to a launch of a WoW game for the hubby, we came home at 2am the next day and my hair was still great. now the best part.....the whole day was spent outside in humid weather because it had rained. my hair did not get frizzy or wavy!!!!!!!! That alone had me sold! I have found it works best on towel dried hair.
 leaves hair shinny and straight all day/night long!
Heats up incredibly fast!
Very light
You can use it on wet hair or dry hair
Keeps static away!:)

must use on almost dry hair
Not so long cord

I love it! It's easier than blow drying my hair and then flat ironing it. The fact that your hair needs to be almost dry doesn't bother me because when I get out of the shower I put my hair in a towel for 5 min while I get dressed then take it out of the towel while I get ready for bed (another 10 min) and by then its perfect for the wet to straight flat iron:)
I really do recommend it:)

This is  my nail of the day:)

This is the (real) tree we put up at my parents house last night:) I had so much fun! my sister and me are short (5feet 2 inches) so it was hard until my brother and brother in law helped, my dad like always just sat and watched and made jokes and like ALWAYS when he finally did help he broke an ornament lol it was so much fun! and i finally got to open my collection of Disney ornaments iv'e collected in the past few years:)
The only gifts that are there are mine the hubbys my mom and my sisters, this is because I have no idea what to get my brother my dad or my brother in law:/ Ideas are more than welcomed:) 


  1. oh i love those nails, china glaze formulation is my favourite! Have you tried frosty from the holiday collection? Its the most gorgeous shade of white...<3

    I just followed you, hope to keep in touch!

  2. I haven't tried it and I regret not buying it so much! Every time I see pictures of it I want get it, it reminds me of a Pearl:)
    Thank you for following:)