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Friday, December 10, 2010

Fortune cookie soap review and pictures:)

These are the soaps I bought the names are in left to right order by row:
Sublime (smells like margaritas with lots of lime)
Kryptonite (smells like green apple and glows in the dark!)
Cherry Limade (just like cherry limeade)
Candy cane (like a very sweet candy cane)
Boogeyman (candy corn and mango)
Cranberry Chutney (sweet cranberries)
Egg noggin (like egg nog but more on the cinnamon side to me)
Country Christmas (sweet apple spice)
Violet Rasberry (flowery berries to me)

This one is Rasberry creme I forgot to include it in the above picture, oh and btw on the website this one looks more purple mine came more cream

Here is a close up of the candy cane soap, you can see that the red has sparkles in it, and you can see the fortune sticking out of the soap!!!!:)

Okay I FINALLY get to do this review!!! I waited so long to be able to order these! I got them during their black Friday sale for a dollar something, regular price is still very VERY affordable it's $2.75 each plus tax not bad right??? They are a good size and get about 13-14 uses:)  I bought 2 of most of the ones I ordered so I can give them as gifts, I showed my friends bf one of them and he now wants some too so I'll give him some of mine for Christmas.
Let me start by saying they should make a soap that smells like the box when you first open it!!!! it was like AMAZING!!! I opened it and all the smells hit me at once! I just didn't know where to start! once I calmed down I opened each one and not kidding probably spent like an hour just smelling them! The one I have used is the "Country Christmas" It smells like warm fruit punch to me with cinnamon it lathers quite nice and leaves you literally squeaky clean. The first time I used it and felt the squeakyness I thought oh no it's gonna dry out my skin:{ but once I  dried off my skin felt so soft, softer then when I use my regular Lush shower gel! The shipping was pretty fast considering it was a black Friday order I received it Dec. 6th.  I didn't buy a storage tin for it even though I should have but it has not gotten slimy like most soaps do, I still recommend getting the tin tho!  Now, heres a small trick I am going to do with the next order I place after Christmas (with my Christmas money) I am going to order a few of whatever scent I end up loving the most and putting them in drawers in my room. I have had the box at work all week and every time I walk by it smells great so its less expensive than buying the plug ins and wall flowers and all that stuff:) 

Fortune cookie soap

They also sell bar soaps, bath melts, clay masks, shampoo bars bath bombs and lots more!:)
OH they also sent a sample of a bath bomb that I cant wait to try tonight!:) plus if you chose they can send your soaps in little containers like Chinese food for just a few cents more!


  1. Those are so cute! I might have to buy me some lol

  2. They are cute I used up the one I was using and kind of don't want to use the rest lol

  3. These are such fun soaps!:D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****