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Monday, December 27, 2010

NOTD *trial run for new years eve*

The blue is called Dorothy who? by china glaze and the silver has no name but it's from Hot topic.
The blue on its own would need about 3-4 coats and is darker than below. the silver needs 2 coats but takes about an hour to dry! and about 5 minutes with the fast drying top coat. If your patient it's well worth it though!

What I did was use a base coat and two coats of the silver and then two of the blue. In person its more of a turquoise blue and shimmers like crazy!!!!

Hope you like!!!!


  1. Hey Ivonne! This looks great! :) I like how you combined the colors. I'm not a fan of glitter but this turned out well.

    By the way, you pat the toner on your skin because rubbing it will irritate your skin.

  2. I love this! I really want Dorothy Who and hot topic polishes are awesome! (I just wish they changed their caps)

  3. LOVE IT.
    I'm having a New Years challenge on my blog Don't forget to enter!