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Friday, January 14, 2011

30 day blog challenge: DAY 12

A photograph of the town I live in:

This picture I got from Google.
It's the main street that goes all the way up to the canyons. My house is near the opening  of the canyon. 

This picture I took about 2 years ago when I took our son up to the canyons.
There are two dams up in the canyon this is passing the first one. This was after a fire  up in the  Angeles national forest so thats why the water is so low.

This one I also got from Google.
This picture is over 10 years old!!! Its of the old drive in! the screen is not there anymore, the marquee is though because it was declared historic it's now used to announce things for the local university.   


  1. That picture of the canyon is gorgeous. I have always wanted to travel to that part of the States. I have only ever been to Florida. Some day I will make it to California

  2. Is this Cali?
    I wish I was there.

  3. beautiful photos! i think i know where that first one is. i love the palm trees! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. Steffie: You'd love it here!
    MissKimmy: yes its southern California
    Mimi: I love palm trees too, I love that i have to drive up this street to get home especially on a real sunny day:)