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Sunday, January 9, 2011

quick NOTD before Universal Studios

I LOVE the color but I hate the application!  It's an NYC color  (at least I think it is)
It took 4 coats!!!! and 2 tries! I did it in bed last night which is probably why I messed up the first time but a bunch of fuzzies from the blanket got on it and it bubbled  horribly! second try was better but a lot of bubbles in my right hand. I saw china glaze has a similar light pink to this so  I will buy that later.

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!!!! woo hoo! were leaving as soon as the hubs gets off the phone:/ I'm at work and I get the afternoon off so we can go. Now I have a confession, the hubs doesn't know this BUUUUT One of the reasons I agreed to going to Universal instead of Disney Land is because there is a Lush in City Walk and I want to go take a look around;) Also I want (need) to go to the Hard Rock cafe:) 

THX for reading!!


  1. lol i hate when that happend 2 my nails!! why does it bubble? i never understood why that happends!! grrr! lol anyways have fun at lush & universal studios! city walk is hella fun! :P

  2. I think it bubbles when you put on too much lol but if I didnt it would look bad so it was a lose lose lol
    yeah I love going to city walk, I just don't like the 40 min drive lol

  3. I would never try putting on polish in bed--Mr. K would pitch a fit. :)