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Friday, January 7, 2011

30 day blog challenge: DAY FIVE

 A photo of myself  TWO years ago.... so that would be me, in 2009 
 I chose two so it could be a longer post lol
Here we were waiting for the star wars show to start at Disney Land. I was a bit annoyed because we had been waiting for a while!!!
(I cropped out our son, not sure I want him on the internet more than he already is)

Here we were at a "make-up" party. I did make-up for about 10 ladies. NEVER got paid! I was suppose to promote their make-up and whatever the lady sold I'd get a percentage. I should have gotten about $100, I let it go since it wasn't my make-up I used and the lady is a friend of my brother-in law. It was for a representative of a company similar to Avon
(I cropped out my mom lol she bought from this lady too and the product sucked!)
Something funny though is that next week I will start a new part time job and this same lady will work there as well. since this incident she doesn't really look me in the eye! (yes another job on top of my current 14hr day job)


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  1. wtf, I'd slap her!

    good luck with working with her...holy hell balls! lol
    pretty photos!