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Sunday, January 16, 2011

30 day blog challenge: DAY 14 (lots of pics)

A tv show i am currently addicted to.... Sorry I can't pick one.. 
THESE are the shows I'm addicted to:
I know this is an old show, I use to watch all the time! brings back good memories, I just recently downloaded  the first 3 season and Its what I'm currently watching until all the other shows come back)

Glee: Last year when it came out I was like, whats the point? but people wouldnt be quiet about it so I gave in and loved it!

I don't remember how I got into this one but it's good!

I've loved it since season one:)

Tom welling is executive producer and in an interview he talked about the show and I was hooked lol

I have a love hate with this show. I love it because of the outfits and sometimes the story line BUT hate  because the girl who's a lesbian on the show, her acting sucks! she always has this confused/worried look on her face lol 

Cake Boss:
I love the drama of the show because they're all Italian! It reminds me so much of my family, even though were Mexican its just like on the show how we fight and work together. Plus his cakes are awesome!!!! 

Ace of Cakes:
My original cake favorite!
I started watching Duff when he did food network competitions and when I heard he was getting his own show I was like 8-0
Been a fan ever since! Actually he even has his own line of baking things at Michael's that I'm going to FINALLY go buy from today (I HOPE!):)

The vampire diaries:
First off, I'm sorry if you're a twilight fan but I hate it.
Second, I've liked vampires and zombies since I could remember:)
I think thats pretty much self explanatory.

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