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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Sony Bloggie touch (last post for the day PROMISE!)

Well, the huby bought it for me so I can start making more youtube videos. Right now I only have 2 videos up right now, so now I have NO excuse to not film a real video.  I would love if you girls would subscribe here is the link to My youtube channel!

Here are some of its features:
8GB memory 
records up to 4 hours 
Connects right to the laptop to charge and upload

~It's very easy to use, much like an iphone. 
~It doesn't have flash  but the pictures are very good quality
~very handy and easy to use
~even easier to upload:)
The name of this camera is cute and to the point.
The huby also bought a pink case for it so it's perfect for me:)

It's a bit bigger than a business card and not very think  it's very easy to manage and hold.
Here you can see how thick it is.


  1. Wow I really like this! It reminds me of a zune, the design. Im adding this to the bday list for my husband :)

  2. Kristen, THANK YOU! while typing i was trying to think of what it reminded me of! of course the zune! thx!

  3. How exciting! lookin forward to more of your vids!!