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Saturday, January 15, 2011

30 day blog challenge DAY: 13

Favorite musician and why:

YUP Metallica. I was lucky enough to see them in 2008 AND 2009
two years in a row and I loved every minute of it!:) for the why.
I grew up listening to rock and metal and grunge because of my brother:)
Thats pretty much it haha:) Oh I can't rememebr what nail polish company has a metal polish collection and theres a color called "nothing else metals" I'm sure it was suppose to be a play on words of Metallicas "nothing else matters" my favorite song:) so if anyone knows what company can you please let me know I'd love to get that color!

Thanks for reading:)


  1. I like Metallica too it was one of my favorite bands for years =).
    The shade Nothing else metals is from Essence LE Metallics polishes that have magnetic particles. Good luck finding the polish, I'd give you mine, but I already swapped it =).

  2. I totally forgot: Ulimel From did someone say nail polish is givingaway Metallics polishes, you can enter here (, good luck =)